…seriously though, digital marketing in santa barbara is all about branding:

In the ZeeBlu office, we have a tall, blue-striped display that says “Get Striped. Go Tribal.” When someone walks into the office, it’s the first thing they see. Not because it’s massive, or because it’s right in front of the door, but because it’s eye-catching, it’s bright and in your face and powerful. It’s a great brand.

get striped

No matter how spectacular a business model, it will not survive without a brand and effective marketing to support that brand. ZeeBlu’s marketing in Santa Barbara is successful because we understand how to brand! Take Google for example. Sure, there are many reasons why Google now runs the Internet, but one of them is undoubtedly their logo, their brand. Before Google was part of the world’s vernacular, it was just another backroom project created by a pair of “greater fools” (The Newsroom Season 1 Finale), but what was formed in the embryonic stage of Google was the logo; the same quad-colored logo that has been guiding my interwebular shenanigans for a decade and that same logo that I continue to trust. The answer is branding. Everything about success in the modern age comes back to branding.

So, now you’re either contented and blushing because your business has a unique brand, or you’re exceedingly uncomfortable having realized that your brand is boring and dated and you’re embarrassed AND—relaaax, you just need a little Zeejuvination! ZeeBlu’s proven skill in marketing in Santa Barbara can take your business to new heights! Tweet @ZeeBluMarketing using #INeedABrand, the first five businesses will receive a free 12-month marketing plan!