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Content Marketing strategy

Plan Your Content Distribution Strategy

Simply designing a content marketing strategy is not enough. A comprehensive content distribution strategy and plan is key to every successful content marketing game plan. Here are the channels we believe should take precedence in your distribution plan: Website: Feature new pieces on your home page in a “What’s New” section. Blog: Regular posting will...
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Inbound Marketing Checklist

Use the following 5-point to see whether your company is using an integrated inbound marketing checklist design. Do You Integrate Social Media? Are your social media pages integrated in a way that makes sense? If so, what do users see when they click on them? Is there visual flow between website pages and social media...
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Step 5: Get Friendly With Metrics

Creating an inbound marketing strategy is like planning a road trip. You identify where you’re at, determine where you want to go, and plan the best means of getting there – one reasonable rest stop at a time.

Just as you’ve created seemingly tangible representations of your target personas (if you haven’t done that, we’ll schedule a “stop” along your roadmap…), it’s a good idea to physically draw a map of your projected inbound marketing journey.

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Essential Tools For Successful Content Marketing

Fill the Funnel. Your business can't succeed without a constant flow of people trickling through your funnel, and no inbound marketing strategy will be successful without great content creation. Getting people from Point A to Point B requires strategy: Focus on Awesome Landing Pages. Your branding strategy should establish you as an industry expert. Create...
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Blogging as Inbound Marketing Strategy

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the death of blogging, but to paraphrase Mark Twain, those rumors are premature. Blogging isn’t dead – it isn’t even ill. Blogging, like everything else, is in a transitional phase. The old-school way of blogging is simply evolving, but blogging itself remains an important digital marketing tool....
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