Your Mobile Device is a Remote Control for Your Life

What Does This Mean for Digital Marketing?

The future of digital media is a hot topic right now. It is necessary to consider, from the perspective of digital marketing in Santa Barbara and website design, how it will affect the way the net is consumed going forward. The following is some advice on how a savvy digital marketer can stay solvent in the future.

In the gray of the fog that is the future of digital media, there is an absolute truth – mobile is not going anywhere. It’s not a fad, and it’s not just for kids. In fact, mobile technology is becoming something like a “life remote control”. Think of the applications that have been created for mobile devices. You can control anything in your life from your phone. The AT&T ad for what they call “Digital Life”, is a perfect example. First of all, “Digital Life” is a strong indicator of where the oldest telecommunications company in the world is headed. Then consider their ad for this product. Not only is the mobile device a portal for information and ideas, it’s become personal. It gives you control over your life. And it’s directed toward an older generation that is usually associated with mobile use.

This is a move that cannot, and should not, be ignored by the world of digital marketing. You want to stay relevant? Get personal, and get friendly. In the future, as mobile devices become closer to us, they will get more guarded. Consumers are wanting more personalized information – they will demand it. Marketing content needs to be carefully crafted to speak to people, not just blasted over the airwaves in the hopes that a cross section of the population pick it up. As people draw their devices closer to their person, so should the message. Make it personal, make it real, make it stick.

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