Your Customers Are On The Internet. Where Are You?

In case you were on the fence about the importance of digital marketing, don’t be. McDonald’s isn’t. 1_memes_393404This fast food giant has had ailing sales as of late and is turning to digital marketing to turn the company around, local companies who use digital marketing in Santa Barbara are no different.

In addition to bringing on some heavy hitters in the digital marketing field, they opened an office in San Francisco so they can more directly recruit talent from the tech playground – Silicon Valley. According to Atif Rafiq, Mcdonald’s new Chief Digital Officer, “The office is one of several things we’re doing to grow our focus on digital and be more consumer-centric,”. This Move by McDonald’s shows the total importance of digital marketing, and corroborates its usefulness as a tool to stay connected with your customer base.

One of the most important things about digital is its scalability. A company the size of McDonald’s can spend millions on digital marketing, but small local businesses can achieve the same results with a fraction of the budget.

digital marketing is the same thing nationally or locally. What matters is as Mr. Rafiq pointed out being more “consumer-centric”. Staying connected to your customers and converting them from one time customers to loyal customers is the key – retention instead of acquisition.

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