Why Wistia’s New Campaign Rocks!

Not only do I love Wistia’s versatile, fully-customizable video player (an excellent alternative to YouTube for videographers and business’), I applaud their new campaign championing “not viral video”, because it’s a grounded and sensible reaction to a phenomenon that has been sensationalized in the world of video marketing. Mastercraft-Production-PhotoIt’s very common whenever the topic of web video is brought up that a few seconds later “viral video” will be mentioned with a sense of zest and excitement. Images of David after Dentist and the Harlem Shake come flooding into the mind’s eye and are often tantalizing to a business owner who imagines their company and video receiving millions of views.

Now, before I begin my tear down of this line of thinking, I want to recognize that there are exceptions to what I am about to say and that “viral video” can succeed in popularizing or launching a business. Dollar Shave Club, for instance.

My core issue with the hysteria over viral video is not viral videos per se, but the lust and fixation on thinking that a viral video is necessarily what every business owner and video marketer should want in terms of their video strategy. Of course, more eyes on your product and service is almost always a good thing, but creating a viral video requires an enormous amount of luck and almost always requires something bizarre, extreme, scandalous, or hysterica, which is certainly not something that every business owner can or should want in their content.

My job here at ZeeBlu is not to make as many viral videos as possible, it’s to be the best videographer for local business’ competing in the Santa Barbara area and to make videos that make sense given the business’ goals.

Take Mastercraft Kitchens for instance. They are an interior remodeling company operating in the Santa Barbara area and are a very small business with just a few employees. They were interested in using video marketing to find customers who would appreciate their achievement and attention to detail in their craft, and they had no interest in creating a flood of new customers or expanding to new markets. Quality, not quantity, was their business’ goal. Given this, how would a viral video of something bizarre, extreme, scandalous, or hysterical really benefit their business in terms of its goals? It’s doubtful that it would, and having that be the target of their video strategy is senseless. What did help to achieve their goal was strong messaging that communicated that Mastercraft Kitchens is special for the experience, devotion, and expertise of it’s owner, which is just what our videography team delivered; a video that makes sense for the marketing goals of a business only concerned with the Santa Barbara area.

So next time you hear someone in the midst an overwrought speech about the prospect of viral video, remind them that 99.9% of videos online will not go viral, that viral video doesn’t necessarily help everyone’s business, and that “not viral video” can be an incredibly powerful and effective means of achieving a business’ goals.

Photo: Videographer, Spenser Gabin on shoot with MasterCraft Kitchens and Baths

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