The SEO Conundrum

Online marketing in Santa Barbara: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Update


According to Moz, Google changes its search engine’s ranking algorithm over 500 times a year. Keeping up with all those changes is exhausting, unless you understand the reasoning behind these changes—unless you understand the real purpose of Google’s extensive search engine updates.

In 2012, Google’s search engine rankings changed to focus on bringing authoritative sources to their front page. This meant that if you were a trusted expert in your particular field, with relevant posts and a following, you were boosted to the front of Google’s ranks without much work at all.

In 2013, Google’s search engine became better at understanding questions, which changed search engine optimization in Santa Barbara, and around the world. The value of conversational content grew exponentially in 2013, meaning that high quality content suddenly became extremely important to a site’s Google ranking.

What’s in store for 2014?

Search engine optimization is a constantly changing process, but there a few things we can expect. Google has embraced the common-sense philosophy that high-quality content deserves recognition and sneaky, recycled content does not. This is one reason why great content is a necessary part of online marketing in Santa Barbara. Also, expect Google to continue the hunt for humanization. Google will undoubtedly master their understanding and analysis of conversational copy. This means that the more natural and well written a website’s copy, the more exposure and traction that site will have. Keyword stuffing and other shady SEO tactics used in the past are going to remain where they belong: in the past.

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