The Origins of Digital Marketing

How Marketing Became Digital in Santa Barbara and The World:


Digital marketing began in the early 90’s with a little work of genius called the Internet. Remember that dial up groan? Yeah, I used to hum along to it too, back when patience was a virtue. There was no interaction during those early years, no way to comment or like or tag, only the ability to read content. Then, in 1993, the first clickable banner ad was introduced and—voilà—digital marketing!

Over the next few years, technology advanced (as it tends to do) and in 1998, Google stepped onto the scene and nothing has been the same since. Obviously, I’ve skipped over some details, but what do you think this is, Wikipedia or something? (Digital Marketing on Wikipedia)

The line that separates what is digital and what is real has become more like a piece of glass, a window. Take the microcosm of marketing in Santa Barbara, for example, arguably the most beautiful city on the California coast. The funny thing is that a majority of residents, tourists, whoever, are seeing the beauty through a smartphone, or some piece of glass that places the digital world between humanity and reality. It’s getting existential up in here! But, seriously, have you looked around lately? Or should I say have you looked up from your phone lately?

You love digital. We all do. And at times we want to fight it, but marketing in Santa Barbara, and marketing anywhere for that matter, will never be the same. Digital is here to stay.

At least until the Internet crashes and the world explodes. Basic cause and effect.

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