The Best April Fools’ Pranks of 2014

Happy April Fools’!

Since we aren’t playing an April Fools’ joke (that you know of) we decided to compile our favorite pranks of 2014. How many of these did you fall for?

1. Google Maps—Pokemon Edition. You’ve probably seen this one, and if not, get on your smartphone and update your Google Maps App right now! (Google)

2. Finally, a fitness watch that can track your twerking! (Basis)


3. Love the smell of factory made cheddar? Get a hold of Cheeteau by Chester. (Cheetos)

4. Networking with humans is so 2013, and LinkedIn knows it. It’s time to Cat-nect.



5. Uber is revolutionizing transportation, and their solution for scaling is ingenious. TOMS meets Uber to create Shuberx. (Uber)

6. Get rad with your toupee. Check out a few DIY tricks to turn your fake hair into a fashion statement. (ModCloth)


7. Do you live the #WhiskeyLife? Whiskey toothpaste, whiskey sunscreen, whiskey cooler, whiskey seeds? (Caskers)


8. Stalkers rejoice! You can now creep in real time via Google Glass through the Coffee Meets Bagel integration. (Coffee Meets Bagel)

9. Drones are hot right now and selfies are timeless. Orbotix has combined the two into a picture-taking drone that follows you…everywhere. (Orbotix)

Do you have a favorite from our list of the best April Fools’ pranks of 2014? Maybe you have your own favorite April Fools’ prank? Either way, share with us by commenting below!

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