Reciprocity in Digital Marketing

Give a little digital marketing to get a big return in dollars

The Reciprocity Principle in social psychology refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action, and rewarding kind actions. “The idea is simple,” said CEO Chad Ratliffe, “give a little to get a little. Apply [the Reciprocity Principle] to business and nothing changes.” If you give your customers a little something, they’re going to return the favor—and it turns out, those customers don’t skimp on the return.

Many critics of this social principle say that reciprocity is a product of modern consumerism and the impatient generation. To them I say, you are selfish—running a business is a two way street. Just like your customer needs you, you need them, and without their patronage you’d be smacking away on a keyboard in a cubicle, or throwing your back out in a construction yard. Giving to get is not a consummation of a young generation—it’s the backbone of good business.


And digital marketing in Santa Barbara is the next tier of running a business. So why throw out what worked in the last stage?

On your website you have an opt-in (or you better—if you don’t, get out—just get out). That opt-in should have an incentive. Example: get a free mimosa by giving us your email, sign up for our newsletter and get 20% off your next purchase, give us your email so that we can spam you—just kidding we want to give you coupons. Any of those work, although I hope you’ll come up with something a little more on-brand than some recycled opt-in copy.

On your Facebook page, offer something free that doesn’t cost you much—maybe run a contest and advertise a prize that your customers would be interested in. You might not be necessarily giving them something, but you’re offering them an opportunity.

You have the mailing address or email of all your customers, so why not send them some coupons? This is basic stuff guys—if you can get your customers to come in to your location, they’re bound to spend more than they would without your coupon/discount/offer.

Digital marketing in Santa Barbara doesn’t have to be some hurdle to leap through. It can be done simply, but it takes time. Do you know how you can solve all your digital marketing troubles without sacrificing any of your own time?

You guessed it: ZeeBlu. And we don’t even want your money! We want to give you a comprehensive strategy tailored to your business for nothing! Okay, maybe for an hour of your time, but those other guys—they want thousands. Weight out those options. We’ll be here waiting.

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