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Become a Publishing Powerhouse

The rules of content marketing have changed, and to succeed we’ve identified the most important elements to get stellar results. Having a blog isn’t enough anymore. With everything we create for you, you’ll transform into an online publishing powerhouse.


You’re trying to get your product or service from Point A to Point B based on the algorithms that define the ebbs and flows of your business.


Want a quick way to get your website visitors to convert to loyal customers? Offer them something valuable that other brands’ digital marketing campaigns don’t – a business blog filled with results-oriented content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing itself remains an extremely cost-effective and powerful tool for inbound marketing campaigns.

How Marketing Workflows Can Help Your Content Marketing Strategy

In any business, there’s a certain workflow to the day. You’re trying to get your product or service from Point A to Point B based on the algorithms that define the ebbs and flows of your business. In terms of bolstering your brand, marketing workflows can mean incredible things in terms of increasing the efficiency of your efforts. Before you take the helm of the ocean of marketing possibilities that lay before you, heed these tips to help your content marketing strategy sail towards success.

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Content Creation

Content is king for any brand. We identify, develop, and grow your unique voice in your marketplace, then we’ll tailor and execute it.

Digital Distribution

Here’s a little inbound marketing secret – great content without a content distribution strategy is nothing more than words on a screen.

Build Loyalty

Authenticity and loyalty are key, through content creation and conversation paths, lists and segmentation, and promotion, you’ll build loyalty among people that matter most to your company.

The ZeeBlu Solution In Action

Serving and reaching new customers reached a new height when Santa Barbara Surfacing adopted creative inbound marketing strategies.

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“Trying to use independent website builders just never seemed to work. They wouldn’t call back, they wouldn’t follow through, the websites weren’t up to par, very difficult to get anything done. And when we would finally get our site live, we then learned that this is only part of the battle, without traffic and conversion, our website was just a glorified business card online.  With ZeeBlu, it’s totally different, they came in, took charge, took over, built us a really good website, taught us how to go market on Facebook and create email funnels, something that Thomas Towing has been wanting to do for a very long time, and ZeeBlu was our vehicle to get that done.”

Thomas Towing

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“When I think about why somebody should choose ZeeBlu over another competitor it’s really been the clearness and conciseness of the strategy that’s created. It’s also about the personal touch, that feels like you’re working with a team of experts that are 100% invested in our organization.”

Charles Caldwell,
Girls Inc.

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EcoLawn and ZeeBlu teamed up to produce a commercial that would air on local television. Identifying their target demographic and utilizing the success of past call-to-actions, their first round of airtime generated EcoLawn over $100,000 in revenue from customers that saw the commercial and inquired about their services. Acknowledging the power of video, we have continued our strategy to gather more footage and create additional videos for digital and commercial use.

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