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We love the internet and how it has changed our lives. We are in awe with the amount of information that is available to us. It is the amount of information and the budgets of global brands that drives us at ZeeBlu. Why? Because your brands story has never been more important than it is today. Virtually every type of story has been told and no matter how unique we feel that our story is, we can usually find it told in many other places and different ways. ZeeBlu comes from the belief that no two fingerprints are the same, no two landscapes are the same, no two human beings are the same and no two zebra’s stripes are the same. It is our mission to assist you in telling your story, so that it stands so far out from the crowd that it goes viral. For this reason, we have created a global collective of top agencies with diverse backgrounds, dialects, imaginations & cultures who all collaborate on your story in order to produce a viral outcome.

The ZeeBlu Solution In Action

Working with ZeeBlu: #startwithstrategy, #strategyisstory. Your ZeeBlu experience starts with our executive strategy team which has a growth mindset, viral ideas & a diverse background. We start by learning about your brand, your vision, the financial model and business model that supports your goals. This isn’t your ordinary team nor is it your typical digital strategy company. You will be working with The Business Guru with over 30 years experience of taking company public and into billion dollar private acquisitions. The Business Guru will be joined by our Lead Creative Director out of Amsterdam. This initial strategy team will be joined by our global digital entrepreneur with agency background and a knack for finding the story.


Stepping forward: The ZeeBlu Executive Strategy Team will have collaborated with the appropriate agencies within our Collective to produce your strategy. The next step is execution of the strategy. You will have an opportunity to have your in-house team get trained on the strategy to the point where they can take the roadmap and “put it in play.” If that is not the best option for your company, you will be introduced to the agencies that participated in your strategy. These are agencies with different expertise, but all of them have our highest regards as we work with them and chose them to participate in this collective after an exhaustive vetting process. But if you don’t find a match within our collective for your execution needs, you will be welcome to take the “step by step” strategy to any digital marketing partners you would like.


It is at this point where we will sit back and watch the magic happen. We will participate in and interact with your story as it unfolds.


To discuss how we might work together contact us.

The ZeeBlu Solution In Action

In their 50 years in the Santa Barbara community, Girls Inc. focuses on teaching girls how to be strong, smart and bold.  They develop research-based education programs. 

See more in the Case Study.

Since implementing a full-service digital inbound marketing strategy in 2013, Prestigious Auto Body has grown their business by from $410,000 in monthly revenue to over $620,000 per month in 2015 and has expanded their locations. 

See more in the Case Study.

Serving and reaching new customers reached a new height when Santa Barbara Surfacing adopted creative inbound marketing strategies.

Read how they did it here.

“I want the Chicken Ranch to still be here 20 years from now. There’s no question in my mind that ZeeBlu helps me do this. I trust them, I’ve seen their work, and they can do a good job.”

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