Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is easy to define; create incredible content with a robust content distribution strategy that attracts website visitors. Create even more incredible content in order to turn those visitors into leads.  Nurture those leads with content until they become customers. Last, you turn those customers into ambassadors of your brand.  Now execution………. this is the key factor standing between your company and a record year!

Attracting Visitors

Through keyword research, website optimization, blogging, social media promotion and growth, and our custom ZeeLytics assessment and analysis, get more people coming to your pages.

Converting Leads

Once they’re visiting your site, capture and convert visitors to leads with content creation, buyer journey, conversion funnels, promotion, all with continued ZeeLytics assessment and analysis.

Inbound Marketing Strategy Objectives

The Website Rules of Attraction: Effective Ways to Get More Web Traffic

Attraction is everything, right?
There are plenty of fish in the sea, so when you’re courting your potential consumers, how do you make sure people fall in love with you and stop looking for another? You need to be so magnetic that you stand out as a match made in heaven, but there is a science to Website Rules of Attraction.

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Close Customers

We’ll help you close more customers with targeted email marketing, workflows, lead scoring and qualification, as well as CRM integration and closed-loop reporting.

Building Loyalty

Authenticity and loyalty are key, through content creation and conversation paths, lists and segmentation, and promotion, you’ll build loyalty among people that matter most to your company.

The ZeeBlu Solution In Action

“When I think about why somebody should choose ZeeBlu over another competitor it’s really been the clearness and conciseness of the strategy that’s created. It’s about the personal touch, that feels like you’re working with a team of experts that are 100% invested in our organization.”

Charles Caldwell,
Girls Inc.

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“Trying to use independent website builders just never seemed to work. They wouldn’t call back, they wouldn’t follow through, the websites weren’t up to par, very difficult to get anything done. And when we would finally get our site live, we then learned that this is only part of the battle, without traffic and conversion, our website was just a glorified business card online.  With ZeeBlu, it’s totally different, they came in, took charge, took over, built us a really good website, taught us how to go market on Facebook and create email funnels, something that Thomas Towing has been wanting to do for a very long time, and ZeeBlu was our vehicle to get that done.”

Thomas Towing

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“Our monthly estimate count has increased by more than 30% with jobs ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 in contract value.  If you are not sure about inbound marketing or ZeeBlu, you’re welcome to call me. I’ll be happy to tell you what I think. But you should give it a chance because I think if you give it a couple months, you’ll see that it’s a wonderful thing.”

Fritz Von Batsch,
President Santa Barbara Surfacing

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“Commenting on his experience creating a website along with a digital marketing roadmap with ZeeBlu, Don noted, “They’re very easy to work with, they present a detailed strategy, and I had confidence in ZeeBlu’s style of work. Engagement for our business is up and I couldn’t be happier”

Jolly Brothers Catering

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