Keeping Track of Your ROI

Don’t Underestimate Analytics

Are you doing your own website in Santa Barbara?
If so, you’re probably also doing your own social media in Santa Barbara? You’re a do-it-yourself business owner, that’s good. It’s probably one of the reasons that you went into business in thirst place, right? But are you tracking you analytics? Are you sure you know, not just the numbers behind how many people visit your site or engage with your social media channels, but what do those numbers mean in customer dollars?

That’s why a full service digital marketing company like ZeeBlu is so valuable. Not only does it leave you free to do what you are truly good at, wowing your customers, but they will deliver to you every month their ZeeLytics, which tells you in actual dollar figures what each of your digital strategies is doing for your business. That is the beauty of digital marketing, it allows for accurate tracking of the advertising dollars that you spend, and a real ROI.

The important thing about analytics is how to use them. One helpful suggestion comes via Google who suggests that about 15 percent data capture, 20 percent data reporting, and 65 percent data analysis are reasonable ratios. The numbers here aren’t what is ultimately important. Instead, what matters is the fact that the vast majority of time should be spent on analysis. ZeeLytics does exactly that. Analysing the overall effectiveness of each component is key because it allows you to make actionable choices.


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