Coping With Post-Holiday Syndrome

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5 techniques to combat post-holiday syndrome


The post-holiday season always brings with it a melancholic state of mind. Read on for 5 techniques to help you snap out of it.

Business doesn’t stop. ZeeBlu’s web marketing in Santa Barbara never stops. You’ve been on ‘vacation’, but that’s over. Your responsibilities need tending to, but getting back into that rhythm isn’t always easy.

So, your New Year’s Eve festivities are over and the resolutions you jollily thought up at Thanksgiving are glaring up at you with expectations from the post-it on your desk. Your co-workers roll in and there’s a pleasant moment of recaptured camaraderie.

If you’re having a tough time, don’t worry. I have your back! Over the years I’ve created a post-holiday checklist to help me remain conscious of how I’m feeling and why I’m feeling that way, and I know this list will work for you as well.

Be Gentle.
Be gentle on youself. Be realistic. New Year’s Resolutions are archaic and you probably aren’t going to follow through on them all (if any). Coming back to reality is daunting enough; no need to burden yourself with more stress.

Make small, achievable goals, and nail them. Taking baby steps in the right direction is much healthier (and has a higher chance for success) than trying to live up to your crazy resolutions.

Focus on the Benefits.
The holidays are joyous and stressful. Think about all the time you’ve spent preparing: shopping, planning, packing, traveling, cooking, etc. The pre-holiday stress, both at work and at home, is over! You finally have a chance to relax.

Embrace all the breaks in your routine that occurred over the passed few weeks. Hopefully they gave you some perspective that you can bring back down to reality with you. Maybe it’s time to make some changes, maybe not. No matter what the craziness of the holidays brought you, stay positive. You saw your family, you ate your favorite meal, you had a great time; there’s always a bright side.

Don’t Dwell on Nostalgia.
It’s impossible not to feel when you travel back to where you grew up. So many memories were formed there, so many moments that shaped you. It’s not always easy to feel comfortable there, but you make it work and over the holidays you might feel safe there again, only to pack up and head back to reality.

But you don’t live there anymore for a reason. You’ve created a life for yourself somewhere else and it’s only the nostalgia that hurts. Remember that! It’s only the nostalgia that hurts. Let it hurt and then smile; be happy to have lived well enough to feel something.

Keep Looking Ahead.
The future is fast approaching, so why waste time looking back. The holidays aren’t a time for regrets; they’re a time to be thankful for life and love and family. Live in the present, be mindful of the past, and stay focused on the future. That’s my personal recipe that many before me have stated much more eloquently.


Make healthy choices.
We all stuff ourselves over the holidays. It’s inevitable, unless you’re a Grinch. Aim to return to eating healthy and exercising regularly. Eat away your blues! But with healthy foods that boost your serotonin and make you feel great. Include bananas, dairy, and peas into your diet, all of which are mood-boosters.

Keep exercising! Exercise is a mood-booster and a great tool for feeling better about yourself. Don’t let excuses drag you down. “It’s too cold.” “I’m lethargic.” “Blah blah blah.” Shut your mouth and get out there! Walk, ski, go to the gym, swim, hike, there are options for every climate. Excuses are anchors. Cut them loose or be dragged down by them!

Don’t think that you’re alone out there with your post-holiday blues. The gloom is natural, but don’t let it take control. Instead, try out these 5 techniques and tell me how they work for you. Share this post on Facebook! Tweet @zeeblumarketing! ZeeBlu wants to hear what you think, and we’ll be surprising one lucky Twitter account or Facebook sharer with a belated Christmas gift! And it’s a good one.

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