Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference Hits Home

Your Home(screen) is Where the Heart is

Okay, I know – I wrote about mobile devices becoming a remote control for your life in my last blog. Well clearly Apple must have read it – in their World Wide Developers Conference 2014 (WWDC2014), they laid out plans to make the iphone work in concert with your home. Pay no attention to the fact that they’ve been developing it for years. I called it last week, they announced it yesterday, I win.

It seems that Apple has big plans to incorporate mobile technology with your Mac, and your body. Digital marketing in Santa Barbara take heed. Web design in Santa Barbara take heed. This is no longer a trend, it is the future. If you think your business can survive without embracing digital marketing across mobile platforms, think again.

One of the key technologies that Apple is working toward, is health applications. Working with Nike, and the Mayo Clinic, they are developing a comprehensive health monitoring system that will give you a complete picture of your health at all times. I see this as an extension of an already popular push to see doctors remotely. Your doctor will see you now – via Facetime. She’ll have access to your vitals, sleep patterns, blood pressure, everything — and you don’t even have to get out of your Yoda jammies. Chad Ratliffe, CEO of ZeeBlu, and founder of the popular Thanksgiving 5K family fun run agrees, “People want to stay informed, connected, and mobile…that is the crux of what we’re doing with digital marketing in Santa Barbara”.

Another integration that Apple wants to work on is it’s “smart home” technology. In other words, remote control. Through your iPhone, you will be able to control lights, security, locks, climate control, even water and entertainment. As reported on, some have raised concerns over potential security issues regarding the ability for a person to hack your system and unlock your doors with their phone. But that doesn’t stop technology from racing forward at the speed of convenience. We are already depositing checks, paying people with apps, and running credit card transactions with our phones. All of which require a connection to banking information, and all of which are embraced by the public without a blink.

This is all significant for the fact that for the first time in recent years, WWDC offered no reveal. Although the iPhone 6 is expected soon, and the rumors of the iWatch are undeniable, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made no mention of any new products. This conference was entirely about integration and software. It was driven by the direction of Apple, and the industry by default, to work the mobile device into our already media laden lives. Its not about new products right now, it’s about connecting with existing ones more seamlessly.

It’s all about location, location, location – especially when said location is your living room.

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