4 Key Marketing Strategies for 2014

Tips for marketing in Santa Barbara

Business marketing takes direction, no small amount of skill, and strategy. Take those 3 components, apply them to the online space and you will most likely come away with a successful strategy for online marketing in Santa Barbara (and any other market).

But being strategic and skillful is not enough to guarantee success as an online marketer in Santa Barbara.

There are 4 Key Strategies that make or break a business’ marketing success:

Have A Purpose And Strive Toward It
Without a clear goal for what you want, your marketing efforts will be a waste. Do you want more traffic to your website? More foot traffic? More likes on Facebook? Whatever it may be, you must have a definitive goal. Read my past post here on how to set purposeful goals.
Does your strategy establish credibility for you brand?
Will you be reaching your target audience?
How will you measure your initiatives success?
Ask the right questions before beginning a plan for marketing in Santa Barbara.

Develop Quickly
Don’t waste any time. Put yourself on an aggressive timeline. Don’t let new tactics be pushed to the back burner and replaced with boring, tried and true methods. Innovative marketing in Santa Barbara is what’s going to get your business noticed. Make it a priority to embrace new and fresh strategies.

Einstein_portrait-e1346962517640Trial And Error
Not all your ideas are going to work. Actually, most of them are going to fail. And when they inevitably fail, tweak it, try again, repeat, and then drop the initiative if it ultimately fails. The world’s greatest inventions have come from trial and error (the Edisonian approach). This tactic can be successful in every area of business not just online marketing in Santa Barbara.

Improve On What Works
Undoubtedly, there are parts of your business that are working. Embrace them! And improve on them. Try not to settle for “don’t fix what’s not broken”; instead, fine-tune your approach to ensure optimal success. Who knows—along the way you might discover a more efficient, innovative process.

“Regardless of what type of business you own—small business, corporation, startup—these 4 key strategies are indispensable,” said Chad Ratliffe. It may seem tedious and arduous, but you’ll be better for it. Stay open to new, unconventional tactics, and the world of online marketing in Santa Barbara (and the world) will be become your playground.

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