4 Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns of 2013

Specialty Tactics for Web Marketing in Santa Barbara

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which low-cost unconventional means are used, often in a localized fashion to convey or promote a product or an idea; and there are no rules! The goal of this tactic is to get some viral notoriety, making for some very interesting and off-the-wall campaigns.

Guerrilla marketing isn’t necessarily the same as web marketing in Santa Barbara, but that doesn’t mean that guerrilla marketing is out of the scope of what a web marketing agency in Santa Barbara can do.

ZeeBlu dabbles in guerrilla marketing with our mascot, Zee the blue striped zebra. Whenever Zee heads downtown, people flock to him! It’s the “surprise factor” that grabs attention, and no one expects to see a blue striped zebra giving out high fives and posing for pictures.

Many agencies and companies around the world use guerrilla marketing as a tool to fuel their advertising efforts. Check out two of my favorite guerrilla marketing campaigns that are the epitome of surprise:

The Worst Breath Ever: Tic Tac’s Flash Mob in France

I think that first guy had it right. Get out of there man!

Add a Dash of Drama

I had no idea who was behind this campaign until that banner drops at the end, but not once did I think about clicking away.

Sometimes it takes a bit of unexpectedness to keep your audience’s attention. Like an oversized mouse wheel and a challenge:

Delight-o-Matic: How Far Would You Go?

I love how this campaign draws a crowd, while subtly promoting Fantastic Delight’s cheese snack.

Heineken has been on fire with their advertising efforts over the past couple of years. Do you think you could convince your significant other to buy football stadium seats for $2,000?

The Negotiation

We have a winner!

Let’s bring this back down to web marketing in Santa Barbara. Guerrilla marketing for small business can be incredibly successful with the right team behind the effort. Don’t shy away from out of the box advertising ideas. It might be exactly what your business needs.

Are you ready to light a fire under your marketing efforts? Do you want to become a household name in Santa Barbara County? It just takes the desire to rule your industry. So, are you ready? Call ZeeBlu today: (855) 222-7297.

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